Veterinary Services

Pet Boarding

Here at South Valley Animal Hospital, we not only offer high-quality care but also provide a safe place for your pet to stay with round-the-clock care.

Pet Boarding in Las Vegas, NV

Our boarding services are all-inclusive and include everything your pet needs for their stay, like bedding, Hills Science Diet Gastrointestinal dry food, as well as bowls for all their meals and water. We assign every patient who boards with us to a doctor and a technician that stays overnight to make sure that they stay happy and healthy while they’re in our care!

Pets from the same family are welcome to stay together (as long as there is no record of food aggression) as we offer multiple sizes of kennels along with large runs for dogs and a separate luxury boarding ward for cats. At our animal hospital, we want to make sure that you feel safe leaving your fur babies with us, so we make sure that all pets from different families are kept separated during their stay.

Because your pet’s health is important to us, we do ask that he/she be up to date on the following vaccines and testing:

womer kissing her dog

Dog Vaccines

  • ZDA2P ($14.00)
  • ZParvo ($14.00)
  • ZBordatella ($14.00)
  • ZRabies ($14.00)
  • ZCanine Influenza ($32.50)
  • ZIntestinal Parasite Test: ($31.00)

Cat Vaccines

  • ZENT-FVRC ($14.00)
  • ZFELV ($14.00)
  • ZRabies ($14.00)
  • ZIntestinal Parasite Test: ($31.00)
cat lying on the ground outdoor

We walk our canine companions multiple times a day, and while we are happy to provide your pet with our complimentary food, you are also welcome to bring their own food if they are on a particular diet.

Treatment/Medicated Boarding: Because we are an animal hospital, we are fully equipped to handle your pet’s medical needs. If your pet has a condition that needs to be actively treated or is in a state of health that needs a little extra attention, we offer a boarding area in our treatment room for a small additional fee per day.

Please feel free to book your boarding stay with us through our PetDesk link or by calling our front desk!