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Pet Diagnostic Lab Testing

At South Valley Animal Hospital, we significantly focus on using top-notch diagnostic equipment because we believe that diagnostics are an essential component of veterinary therapy.

Pet Diagnostic Lab Testing in Las Vegas, NV

We can swiftly and precisely detect any health issues your pet might have, thanks to our cutting-edge technology and the knowledge of our professionals. This enables us to create a successful treatment strategy for the underlying problem and hastens your pet’s recovery.

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Pet Diagnostic Lab Testing

Since not all animal health problems can be caught through a physical exam, we pride ourselves on having the best laboratory and diagnostic facilities in the veterinary industry. We have a vast array of laboratory tests and diagnostic equipment that help us give you the most accurate picture of your pet’s health. Making sure we have this equipment not only makes our hospital better but also ensures that your pet has the best care possible as quickly as possible.

Among the common types of diagnostic testing is in-house cytology. Cytologies can be performed on the skin or the ears and determines whether the infection your pet is experiencing is due to yeast or bacteria. Other diagnostic tests, such as blood work and urinalyses, are also increasingly important for your aging pet. They can also help uncover growing problems in your adult pet. Intestinal parasite tests, or “fecal,” are helpful as a diagnostic tool and a routine check for microscopic parasites.