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Pet Nutritional Counseling

A proper diet is critical to living a healthy life. It is critical for pet owners to understand that their pet’s nutritional requirements frequently differ from their own.

Pet Nutritional Counseling in Las Vegas, NV

Our staff is dedicated to working with you to ensure your pet’s health. One of the biggest problems we see is with proper nutrition, which is why we offer nutritional counseling to all of our clients.

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Pet Nutritional Counseling

Developing and maintaining a balanced diet is paramount to good health, so we have various nutritional plans for your pet. This might range from a particular post-surgery diet to a diet that helps combat or prevent disease, but rest assured; we have the right plan for your animal. With our weight management programs, we can get your pet to its target weight, but we can also give you a lot of advice and tips on proper feeding, healthy snacks, and exercise.

Did you know that maintaining a pet at his or her ideal body weight can improve life expectancy by up to 20%? That means a 10-year-old dog could live an extra two years at the right weight! When we examine your pet, we will evaluate its nutritional status and make specific recommendations regarding proper nutrition for your pet. We have a variety of prescription diets for each life stage and medical condition we may face. When we start your pet on a nutrition program, we counsel you continuously. We encourage monthly counseling sessions with our trained nutritional counselors.