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Pet Exams & Consultations

South Valley Animal Hospital is pleased to provide pet exams and consultations to help your pet enjoy a happy and healthy life.

Pet Exams & Consultations in Las Vegas, NV

Our goal is to identify any issues before they become serious issues. The sooner we detect a problem, the easier it is to treat it, and the more probable your pet will recover completely.

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Pet Exams & Consultations

Bringing your pet to South Valley Animal Hospital for physical examinations is crucial to their health. We offer thorough physical examinations to detect any potential problems ahead of time. Many pet health problems can be avoided through regular physical exams, so we recommend that your pet have at least two yearly examinations with our staff. While physical exams are critical to animal health, you can do your part by being a vigilant pet owner. If you notice any irregularities with your pet, take detailed notes and bring them to SVAH for an examination.

What exactly does a physical exam include? Some things you can’t see, feel, touch, or hear without special tests and equipment, but you can often gain a lot of information about your pet through simple observation. In a physical exam, your veterinarian looks for anything abnormal. What is considered normal is a combination of what is typical for the breed and what is normal for your specific unique pet. Every pet is slightly different, just like every human is different. Once the veterinarian does the basic physical exam, any areas of concern will be given more attention.