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Pet Laser Therapy

Here at South Valley Animal Hospital, we are proud to offer laser therapy for our patients.

Pet Laser Therapy in Las Vegas, NV

Common conditions that are treated with the help of laser therapy include arthritis/degenerative joint disease, chronic pain, spinal disc disease, wounds, surgical incisions, ear hematomas, muscle sprain/strains, fractures, and so much more.

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Pet Laser Therapy

We are proud to stay updated with the latest therapies to improve our patients’ lives. Laser therapy is one way we do that. There are two types of laser therapy: cold and hot. Both are effective for our patients.

Cold laser therapy is noninvasive and uses light to stimulate cell regeneration and increase blood circulation. It is used to treat the surface of the skin.

Hot laser therapy is used to treat deeper tissues. It is also riskier and has some side effects, including cutting and burning from the laser used.

Laser therapy uses a beam of light that travels at a specific frequency, generating heat to penetrate a pet’s tissue.

Laser therapy effectively treats patients who suffer from arthritis or have other soft tissue injuries. It treats acute and chronic problems like sprains, strains, swelling, and more. Laser therapy also promotes wound healing quite effectively.

Many people worry that their pets won’t tolerate laser therapy. However, most pets find it relaxing and enjoy it very much. They also like how much better they feel with treatment. It takes only a few minutes, and they will start to improve.

Owners enjoy that we don’t have to shave their pets before treatment. Sedation is unnecessary, so treatment can be divided into multiple short sessions. Owners are pleased when they see their pets become more mobile and like themselves as they feel better.